Stimulate your lymphatic system

Very few fitness systems available today get emphatic about lymphatic systems.  While good exercise promotes a healthy lymphatic system, many systems do not focus on the fact that a healthy lymphatic system is just as important as toned muscles and healthy bones.

The lymphatic system, much like the blood vessels and arteries in your body, runs all over the body.  This system is a complex one, and has three main missions. It carries away excess fluids in the body, it carries away fat and fatty acids to the circulatory system for removal, and it is the central part of what most people call “the immune system.” Obviously the lymphatic system’s health is vitally important to overall health.

The lymph system is generally stimulated by movement of the body.  The reason that clusters of lymph nodes are located in the arm pits, the groin, and other constantly moving areas is for that reason. As we age we become less active, and the normal stimulation needed by lymph nodes to pump lymph fluid around the body, filter it, rejuvenate it, and attack biological intruders is not as effective.  It is one of the reasons that older people are more susceptible to illness.  But there is a way to deal with this challenge.

Using Whole Body Vibration stimulates the lymphatic system.  It causes immune response in the lymph nodes, giving the body better defenses against illnesses.  It causes the lymph system to drain more efficiently, getting trapped fats and biological intruders on their way out of the body through the circulatory systems filters.  In short, the vibrations of the WBV cause dozing lymph nodes to wake up and do the work they are intended to do, especially in the aging body where lymph health is even more vital to overall health.

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