Dr. Oz Guest Tries Whole Body Vibration

Dr. Oz is celebrating his 100th show on Tuesday, February 16th with 100 viewers that have each lost over 100 lbs.  One of the viewer’s that was invited to New York for the taping of the show stayed at The Hotel at Times Square 46th Street near 6thAve in New York.  While checking out the hotel’s fitness area he came across a Whole Body Vibration machine…..the PowerVibe. 

Read here about his first experience with Whole Body Vibration.

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday for Dr. Oz’s 100th show!

One thought on “Dr. Oz Guest Tries Whole Body Vibration

  1. Arlyss

    I would like names of a few people who own the WBV and have success stories regarding their weight, etc. Please only use owners of a year or so. Please have them contact me by email. Thanks much – I am very interested in this machine.


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