Treating Sciatica with Whole Body Vibration

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It runs from your spinal cord to your buttock and hip area and down the back of each leg.  This nerve controls many of the muscles in your lower legs and provides feeling to your thighs, legs and feet.  The term “sciatica” refers to pain that radiates along the path of this nerve, from your back down your buttock and leg.

Sciatica isn’t a disorder. Instead, sciatica is a symptom of another problem involving the nerve.  Sciatica frequently occurs when a nerve root is compressed in your lower spine, often as a result of a herniated disk in your lower back. Disks are pads of cartilage that separate the vertebrae in your spine. They keep your spine flexible and act as shock absorbers to cushion the vertebrae when you move.  Depending on the cause, the pain of acute sciatica can be very uncomfortable.  

Whole Body Vibration has proven to be effective in reducing pain sensation and pain-related disability in people affected by chronic low back pain and sciatica. 

WBV creates a “micro-massaging” effect on all tissues in the body helping to improve blood flow and loosen tight areas.  It is known that a loss of proprioception can lead to neuromuscular dysfunction and likely poor segmental stability in people with low back pain.  This can lead to an increased risk of injury or further injury. 

In order to effectively treat low back pain or sciatica, proprioception training is usually considered as an important element of a rehabilitation exercise program.
Whole Body Vibration is a therapy and exercise modality that improves muscle function along with proprioception.  A person’s proprioception is challenged just by standing on the machine. Performing dynamic exercises while on the platform adds a greater challenge that produces extraordinary results. 

Whole Body Vibration is a great tool for increasing flexibility, range of motion and mobility.  It has also been shown to reduce joint, ligament stress, and chronic pain.

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